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Meet Rachel

You can live the abundant life.

Seventeen years ago, I started a journey with God that changed everything. I was a completely broken person, but through amazing God encounters, I made the decision to surrender my life to Jesus. That has been the best decision I’ve ever made.

Through renewing my mind with God’s Word and through the power of the Holy Spirit, I began to transform in every way possible!

I started to walk in freedom from things that had tried to keep me captive. Insecurities disappeared, pride was destroyed, and wisdom and understanding replaced immaturity and ignorance. I saw the strife in my marriage disappear and my children grow deeper in love with Jesus. I had victory take place in my personal life, ministry, business, and finances. Humility formed in me, along with boldness and confidence in Christ. I began to flow in gifting's of the Holy Spirit and see God move powerfully in my ministry and personal life. 


My heart and desire is to give you all that I’ve learned and encountered in my seventeen-year journey, to be your guide and personalized coach. I will share with you the life-changing principles and knowledge that brought about transformation in my life. I believe that I can take you from where you are now, into a place of freedom and victory to live a life of an unshakable confidence and with an unquenchable fire for God.

Rachel lives on the east coast of Kenya as a full-time missionary with her husband and three children. Originally from the United States, the Griffiths have lived in East Africa as missionaries for ten years. Rachel is an ordained minister who travels the world teaching the Word of God and flowing in the Holy Spirit at churches, conferences, and meetings. She is passionate about evangelism and seeing the Holy Spirit tangibly move in people’s lives.

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